What natural gas home appliances are available?

Using Natural Gas Appliances to Entertain Outdoors

You'd be surprised at how you can put natural gas appliances to work entertaining guests at home. You can dazzle your friends before they even get to your front door by using outdoor gaslights, which add curb appeal and functional lighting to your home’s exterior, whether mounted on a pole, exterior wall or porch ceiling. Once they get inside, lead them outside into the backyard or patio and treat them to a dinner made on your natural gas grill. Why wait for charcoal to heat to the right temperature or worry about keeping your propane tank filled when a natural gas grill is ready to cook gourmet meals when you are? These grills also ensure even cooking temperatures and are energy efficient -- both factors that some would say justify the extra cost of a gas grill.

Keep the party going by installing natural gas pool and spa heaters for your outdoor swimming areas. They help keep water temperatures comfortable, so you can extend your swimming season or enjoy your hot tub throughout the year. Plus, gas pool and spa heaters are energy efficient and warm the water twice as fast as electric heaters. If you don't feel like swimming or soaking, you can still chill outside with a patio heater. Durable and effective, these patio heaters let you enjoy your outdoor spaces throughout the cooler seasons. They add about 10 degrees Fahrenheit (5.6 degrees Celsius) to the surrounding air, so they're best when temperatures range between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit (10 and 15.5 degrees Celsius). If you want to get a little fancy, natural gas fire pits, one of the newest gas appliances, bring the warmth of a cozy campfire to your home’s patio or deck. What's more, they're safer for the environment than a traditional fire: since these campfires don’t burn wood, they don’t release harmful emissions into the air.

While natural gas is an excellent fuel source for many appliances, it’s not a practical choice for some everyday conveniences that require electricity, like a toaster, stereo, television or hair dryer. However, natural gas can provide power for these appliances through distributed generation, or using natural gas to generate electricity in the home through a microturbine and gas fuel cells.

Natural gas appliances are clean and convenient ways to heat your home and make it possible to enjoy your backyard and pool when it's a little chilly outside. The best part is that they're pretty easy to find if and when you need them.

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