New Zealand Spinach

Growing New Zealand Spinach

New Zealand spinach likes long warm days. It grows best at 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It won't start growing until the soil warms up. The plant has a short season (55 to 65 days), so it can be grown successfully in most areas of the United States.

Plant seed directly in the garden on the average date of last frost. When seedlings are large enough to handle, thin the plants to stand 12 to 18 inches apart. New Zealand spinach does not like competition from weeds; cut weeds at ground level to avoid damaging the shallow roots of the crop.

Harvesting New Zealand Spinach

The time from planting to harvest is about 60 days. Harvest tender leaves as you need them by cutting them from the tips of the branches. Plants will continue to produce new foliage as leaves are harvested.

Types of New Zealand Spinach

New Zealand spinach is sold under its common name.

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