Pachysandra, Japanese Spurge

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Pachysandra, Japanese spurge, is the quintessential ground cover. The genus name is from the Greek and means "a thick man," in reference to the filaments in the flower.

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Description of pachysandra, Japanese spurge: Fleshy stems about 1 foot high have simple, toothed, evergreen leaves. These are often crowded at the tips of branches, which bear small, greenish-white flowers in erect spikes in the spring. Ease of care: Easy.

Growing pachysandra, Japanese spurge: Any good, moist garden soil is sufficient for pachysandra. The plants are especially valuable since they will grow in shady areas where few other plants survive. The leaves will yellow in full sun.

Propagating pachysandra, Japanese spurge: By division or by cuttings.

Uses for pachysandra, Japanese spurge: Pachysandra is great under bushes and in the open shade found under evergreen trees. It can be used to carpet banks and as edging along shaded walkways. Plants can also be set in pots for the terrace.

Pachysandra, Japanese spurge related species: Pachysandra procumbens, or Allegheny spurge, is a native American wildflower that is usually evergreen as far north as Zone 5. Stems have a purplish tinge and bear toothed leaves flecked with silver that becomes more pronounced in the spring. The spring flowers are off-white and quite beautiful. Good soil should have additional humus.

Pachysandra, Japanese spurge related variety: Silver Edge has a narrow, silvery white edge around the light, toothed, green leaves.

Scientific name for pachysandra, Japanese spurge: Pachysandra terminalis

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