Paint and Varnish Stain Removal

Paint and varnish stains are a hazard of home repair and maintenance. Learn how to remove paint and varnish stains.

If latex paint has spilled on your nice clean carpet, take heart -- it's not that difficult to get it out. Read this article to learn how to get latex paint out of carpet.

Shoe polish is a quick way to breathe new life into old shoes. Unfortunately, while it restores shoes, it destroys clothing, leaving ugly laundry stains. Follow these stain removal tips to remove the dark marks.

Painting your house is a tough job, and if you get latex paint stains on any household surface, home improvement can turn into a real mess. Learn how to remove latex paint stains.

Painting a room is tough enough, but if you get paint on a household surface, a quick job can become hours of clean up. Follow these stain removal tips to erase oil-base paint stains.

Whether done by a four-year-old or an established artist, a watercolor painting can add beautiful color to a room. Less attractive are the stains paints can leave behind. Follow these tips to remove these spots.

Furniture polish stains can ruin that proud moment of showcasing your home. Also, cleaning your furniture with oily polishes can lead to even more household cleaning. Learn to remove furniture polish stains.

Lacquer and varnish are used to give surfaces a beautiful shine, but when it gets on the wrong surface, the result isn't pretty. Learn how to remove stubborn lacquer and varnish stains.