Are pansies delicate flowers?

Despite its delicate appearance, the pansy is actually Georgia's most popular hardy flower. Always dependable, the pansy is able to bloom during the winter and fall in the Southeastern region of the United States. The color diversity of a pansy's petals is one of this flower's most noticeable features. Lavender, blue, red, white, apricot, orange and bronze are just a few of the colors that a pansy's petals can come in.

The pansy's flower is composed of five petals and belongs to one of three distinctive categories, based on bloom size: multiflora, medium and large. Multiflora blooms are up to two inches wide (four to six centimeters); medium blooms range from two to three inches wide (six to nine centimeters); and large blooms top out at four inches (11.5 centimeters). Each of these categories subdivides further. For landscaping purposes, it's recommended that you purchase a multiflora pansy [source: Plant Answers].

When planting a pansy plant, it's important to remember that it's not very large. The pansy won't usually exceed a height of nine inches (22.9 centimeters). Heart-shaped leaves are attached to the plant's green stems. Another interesting thing about the pansy is the fragrance that it exudes. For one thing, it only emits an odor at night and at dawn. Furthermore, not all pansies even have a fragrance. If you're looking for a pansy that emits a strong smell, get a blue and yellow variety. To produce an especially pleasant fragrance, it's recommended that you grow all your plants together [source: Plant Answers]. Finally, due to the wide variety of pansies available, you may want to dedicate some extra time to researching the flower, based on the color, size and whatever other characteristics you're looking for.