Patio Ideas

Lasting Impressions in Concrete

©Bomanite Corporation For a classic look, this imprinted concrete surface suits the formal tone of the patio and its pavilion.

Imprinted concrete is one of the newer techniques that can transform this versatile material into a stone look-alike. With any number of patterns and seemingly endless color variations, imprinted, or embossed, concrete can be made to fit a variety of patio ideas in resembling materials such as new and used brick, formal slate, random-laid flagstone, terracotta tile, cobblestones, and much more. As a patio paving, imprinted concrete is also an affordable way to give outdoor living areas a more natural look and bypass the time-consuming and sometimes costly process of selecting and laying individual bricks or stones.

Since it is a cast-concrete product -- a concrete slab that's been integrally colored and then scored -- this material can be used in areas that receive heavy traffic, such as driveways. It's also an ideal choice for pool surrounds and walkways since its textured surface is slip-resistant when wet.

©Bomanite Corporation The surface of this concrete patio is made to look like slate, whereas the step between the levels and the curved patio are imprinted to suggest brick.

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