Patio Ideas

Concrete Takes a Creative Path

For a perfect custom made patio,
For a perfect custom made patio,
©Bomanite Corporation and layout of your landscaping design.

Distinctive in appearance, innovative in design, and completely functional, imprinted cast-in-place concrete is showing up in more and more patios and walkways. Innovative patio ideas and techniques for integrating color and embossing the surface are resulting in more realistic-looking finishes and an expanded selection of patterns. Familiar flagstone and Belgian block designs, for instance, are being joined by a number of other creative finishes: used brick laid in a variety of patterns, Moorish-look tile, granite in a fish scale design, wood planks, and even fancy borders and upbeat graphics with 3-D effects. With so many options, concrete is no longer regarded as a practical-but-plain paving alternative.

Because of the wealth of decorative finishes to select from, imprinted concrete can be easily tailored to suit virtually any house style. It can be combined with other masonry materials to achieve a particular mood and create visual interest. And, thanks to its molded character, it can be physically shaped to integrate with the existing landscape or complement a new design.

©Bomanite Corporation The versatility of concrete makes it blend in with almost any other building material -- it is simply a question of mixing and matching with care.

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