Patio Ideas

Water in Motion

©Bomanite Corporation This swimming pool features a triple fountain enclosed by a glass block wall. The sculptural surround ringing the area is paved in embossed, colored concrete.

As decorative accents, fountains and waterfalls can make any water feature more vibrant and alive, and when they are lit by night, they can bring spectacular looks to a patio or garden. Whether they arc out, spray up, or spill over, fountains are nearly always a great idea for your patio focal point. Their splashing sounds attract attention, too, and serve to muffle unwanted noises.

Fountains and waterfalls tend to bring a bit of formality to an outdoor area since they are so distinct from the natural landscape. A pool with a fountain is an especially pleasant addition to an entry patio or courtyard, giving visitors an elegant greeting. Even a tiny patio, too small for a pool of any size, can enjoy water in motion with a low-profile fountain mounted on the wall. Waterfalls in a patio setting typically have a gentler presence than fountains, flowing over rocks or masonry in a meandering, informal path.

Incorporating a water feature into a patio requires thoughtful planning. Fountains and waterfalls, for instance, require pumps and controls, which may be one reason they are often integrated with swimming pool systems.

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