Should you pay someone to trim your trees?

Trees produce oxygen, take in carbon dioxide and filter pollution. They help reduce cooling costs in summer by providing shade. In winter, they help lower heating costs by dropping their leaves and allowing in sunlight.

Because trees are so important, it may be worth your while to hire an arborist to take care of your foliage. Not only do arborists know all about tree care, but they've also been specifically trained to climb high into a tree without getting hurt.


A trained arborist knows when it's important for a tree keep its branches and when the branches are causing more harm than good. Here are some common instances where an arborist's expertise comes into play:

  • A dead branch can lead to the decay of an entire tree, so weak, diseased and infested branches need to be identified and and removed.
  • Branches that are growing too close together can rub against each other and damage the bark, so these may require removal as well.
  • For public safety, limbs that obstruct the paths of people or cars or create any kind of hazard must be cut down.

An arborist may need to cut down an entire tree if it is dead, dying, obstructing construction or creating a potentially dangerous situation. Tree care professionals have a wealth of knowledge about when, why and how to remove branches and trees, as well as the appropriate places and climates in which specific trees will thrive. They are also experts on insects and diseases that prey on trees. If you want to ensure that the appropriate trees are planted in your yard and receive optimal ongoing care, it may very well be worth your investment to hire an arborist.