Peace Lily

By: Larry Hodgson

Peace lily has white leaves surrounding its flower clusters.See more pictures of house plants.

Peace lily features oblong, leathery leaves that arch out from the plant’s base. White “flowers” (actually a colored leaf surrounding a club-shaped flower cluster) rise above the foliage throughout the year. It is excellent in locations with low light intensity.

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Overall, this is one of the easiest of all the flowering plants. It will bloom in shade, but flowers more abundantly with filtered light, and it is attractive even when not in bloom.


Peace Lily Quick Facts:

Scientific Name:Spathiphyllum sp.

Common Names: Peace Lily, Spathe Flower

Light Requirement for Peace Lily: Light Shade to Filtered Light

Water RequirementforPeace Lily: Evenly Moist

HumidityforPeace Lily: Average Home

TemperatureforPeace Lily: House

FertilizerforPeace Lily: Balanced

Potting MixforPeace Lily: All-Purpose

PropagationofPeace Lily: Division

Decorative UseforPeace Lily: Floor, Table

Care RatingforPeace Lily: Very Easy


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