Growing Peanuts

Peanut plants grow on a commercial peanut farm.
Peanut plants grow on a commercial peanut farm.

Peanuts need a frost-free growing season four to five months long. If your growing season is short, start peanuts inside two weeks before the average date of last frost then transplant them outside two to three weeks after the average date of last frost.

Peanuts like a well-worked sandy soil that is high in organic matter. The pegs have difficulty penetrating soil that has a high clay content. Plant seeds from shelled raw peanuts 1 to 3 inches deep.

Space both seeds and transplants 6 to 8 inches apart. Keep soil moisture even until the plants start to flower, then water less. Blind (empty) pods are the result of too much rain or humidity at flowering time. Use a heavy mulch to help the pegs become established.

Harvesting Peanuts

The time from planting to harvest is 120 to 150 days. Start harvesting when frost begins; pull up the whole plant and let the pods dry on the vine.

Types of Peanuts

Few varieties are available. You can plant raw peanuts from the grocery. Virginia Jumbo matures in 135 days.

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