Pecan Tree

By: C. Colston Burrell
Pecan tree is a large, lush See more pictures of trees.

The pecan tree is a tall, massive tree, ideal for large spaces. It is a dual-purpose tree, grown both as a shade tree and for its delicious nuts.

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Description of pecan tree: This majestic tree is the largest of the hickories -- growing 70 to 100 feet high -- with a symmetrical, broadly oval crown. The compound deciduous leaves are dark green and bear 11 to 17 leaflets. It has good fall coloration.

Growing pecan tree: Transplant when young, since the tree has a deep taproot that is easily damaged. Plant in deep, organic, well-drained soils in full sun.

Uses for pecan tree: The pecan makes a good skyline tree or shade tree for large spaces. Selected varieties are prolific nut producers. Check with local growers, since each seems to be best adapted to a specific region.

Pecan tree related varieties: There are many pecan clones, but most seem to be site-specific: They grow or produce poorly outside a narrow climate range. Always choose a variety from among those that have a reputation of doing well locally.

Scientific name of pecan tree: Carya illinoinensis


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