Perennial Gardens

Perennial gardens can produce lovely results year after year. Learn how to plan for, plant and care for perennial gardens.


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Coneflower, Purple

Purple coneflowers are heat-tolerent natives that grow wild from Ohio to Georgia. These easy to grow perennials have prickly, cone-shaped heads surrounded by rose-purple or white petals. Learn to grow the purple coneflower.

Garden Phlox

Garden phlox is an easy to grow perennial. These fragrant flowers make great border plants. Pop some color into your garden with these showy blossoms. Learn about the garden phlox.

Coreopsis (Perennial)

Several coreopsis species are popular in the garden, all of them sporting bright daisylike flowers. These perennials bloom pink, orange, and yellow flowers. Learn to grow this great drought-resistant flower.

Coralbell, Alumroot

Coralbells, or alumroots, are a diverse group of perennials with ornamental leaves combining green, silver, and purple tones. Coralbell has white, green, or red flowers. Learn to grow this perennial flower.


Each showy daylily, or everbloomer, flower opens, matures, and withers within 24 hours. These perennials are great container plants that prefer partial shade, especially in the South. Learn how to care for the daylily.


Ferns are perennials grown for their ability to thrive where less-hardy plants can't. Some are evergreen, while others die down in fall and return in spring. Learn more about versatile ferns.

Dianthus, Carnation, Pinks

Carnations, or pinks, have been popular perennials for hundreds of years. Dianthus are great in flower beds and bouquets. They come in red, white, orange, purple, and of course, pink. Learn how to grow dianthus.

Epimedium, Bishop's Hat, Barrenwort

Low-growing foliage of great distinction and spring flowers make epimediums, also known as bishop's hat or barrenwort, a good choice. Flowers in soft colors sometimes bloom before plants leaf out. Learn about this shade-loving perennial.


Foxgloves are garden classic perennials whose large bell-shaped flowers are perfect for mass plantings. These tall plants bloom at about the same time as roses. Learn more about this foxy flower.

Gaillardia, Blanket Flower

Yellow and red gaillardia, or blanket flowers, are daisies with serrated tips on the ray petals. These perennials are very tough and cheerful and make great cut flowers. Find out more about these hardy daisies.

Geranium, Crane's-Bill

Geraniums, or crane's-bill, are clump-forming perennials that bloom in late spring or early summer. The flowers vary in color and size, but are great for rock gardens and as border plants. Learn about geraniums.

Globe Thistle

Globe thistles are perennials that produce metallic-blue blossoms with perfectly round flower heads atop ribbed stems. The spiny-edged leaves are white and woolly underneath. Learn how to grow these blue beauties.


Gaura is tough enough for regions with hot summers. This perennial has delicate pink or white flowers under an inch wide, in big clusters. Learn more about this drought resistant flower.

Helenium, Sneezeweed

Looking just a bit like sunflowers, heleniums, or sneezeweed, flower in the fall with huge masses of blooms on branched stems. Find out more about this cheerful perennial.

Goat's Beard, Wild Spirea

Goat's beard, or wild spirea, is a showy perennial that comes into bloom in early autumn, producing many dramatic plumes composed of tiny, white flowers. Learn more about this easy-to-grow plant.

Grasses, Ornamental

The foliage and seed heads of ornamental grasses help to extend the garden season through winter. These perennials usually have feathery or plumelike flowers. Learn more about ornamental grasses for the garden.

Hosta, Plantain Lily

Hostas, or plantain lilies, give color and texture to perennial gardens from mid-spring until mid-fall. Lilylike flowers bloom from late spring to late summer. Learn how to grow and care for hostas.

Lady's Mantle

Lady's mantles are perennials grown for their foliage and their unusual chartreuse flowers that are nice in bouquets. The easy to grow plants have lobed leaves of silvery gray-green. Learn about lady's mantles.


The diverse iris genus contains more than 200 distinct species and countless cultivars. You can find iris bulbs in the flower garden in a rainbow of colors. Learn more about the colorful iris.


Lavender is a perennial aromatic herb that tends to be shrubby. Flower spikes are clusters of deep purple or lavender flowers. Most are familiar with lavender bath oil, made from this flower. Learn about lavender.


Ligularia is a bold perennial for garden use. The plants bear sprays or spires of yellow or orange flowers in summer, on strong stems. Find out more about the ligularia.

Liatris, Blazingstar, Gayfeather

Liatris, also known as blazingstars or gayfeathers, are good garden perennials. Their small fluffy florets are set along tall spikes, flowering from the top down, which makes them unusual cut flowers. Learn about liatris.


A collection of peonies in perennial bloom presents a view of exquisite, huge flowers in many colors. The peony is great in cutting gardens. Find out more about the showy flower.


Poppy flowers with silky petals are a focal point in any garden. Oriental poppies come in orange, scarlet, watermelon-pink, pale pink, and white. Find out more about this perennial flower.

Amsonia, Bluestar

Amsonia, or bluestars, are popular garden plants, and they grow wild in wooded areas and on river banks from New Jersey to Tennessee to Texas. Learn more about this easy-to-grow perennial.