Perennial Pea, Sweet Pea

Perennial pea has flowers of many colors from See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Perennial pea, or sweet pea, vines are wildflowers imported from Europe and now naturalized over much of the Northeast. The word Lathyrus is Latin for a "thick pottage" and refers to the use of pea seeds in porridge.

Description of perennial pea: Perennial pea is a vining plant with paired leaflets of light green with winged stems. It bears tendrils and sweet-pealike flowers of pink, bluish-red, or white and blooms in August. Perennial pea ease of care: Easy.

How to grow perennial pea: Perennial peas do well in any good garden soil, often reaching a length of 10 feet in one season. In fact, they sometimes do too well and can become a garden pest.

Propagating perennial pea: By division or by seed.

Uses for perennial pea: They are perfect for ground covers, especially for hard-to-plant slopes and banks. They also grow on trellises. The flowers are excellent when cut.

Perennial pea related varieties: 'Albus' has white flowers, and 'Splendens' has dark, reddish-purple flowers.

Scientific name for perennial pea: Lathyrus latifolius

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