What types of perennial plants thrive well in the northeast?

Perennials are plants that last for a number of years (unlike annuals that die off at the end of their growing season). The northeastern parts of the United States -- with their long, harsh winters -- can be hard for perennials, but there are still options available to make your garden bright with color. You may need to add compost to your soil to provide nutrients and better drainage than what typical northeast clay offers. The five perennials listed below thrive despite windy, cold conditions. They rest through the winter to produce new blooms when the weather warms.

  • New York Ironweed gets its name from the strength of its stems. It has stunning purple flowers, which turn rust-colored as they dry out. Its nectar attracts butterflies, adding another level of beauty to the garden. Ironweed self-seeds easily, so you may want to remove the flowers before the seeds develop. It grows best in full sun.
  • Garden phlox can thrive in almost any type of soil. They need plenty of sunlight, and in return produce flowers in a wide array of colors. Phlox tends to attract birds.
  • Yarrow, with its delicate white, yellow or pink blossoms is another sun-lover. It may take a year or two to become well-established. Yarrow not only has beautiful flowers, it has medicinal properties, as well. The cut flowers can be enjoyed fresh or dried.
  • Astilbe does well in shaded areas where other plants might not grow. It produces spires of feathery blossoms in a range of colors and sizes. It is another butterfly-friendly plant.
  • Coral Bells are best loved for their colorful foliage (from green and gray to purple and red), but they also turn out exquisite flowers. They thrive in shaded areas. //]]]]> ]]>