Perennial Plants

By: Shane Wilson

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Perennial plants are treasured by gardeners for their durability. Returning to life every year, they do not need to be replanted. As a result, they serve several purposes -- they can be used to provide ground cover for a flowerbed, or even comprise the floral display itself. Careful planning is needed to arrange perennials in your yard, but once you have, you'll find that your garden can be maintained with very little effort.

Perennials Image Gallery

A variety of perennial plants are available, in many colors and suitable to many climates. You can enhance your garden with some of these plants. It's always wise to consult your local garden center to determine which ones will flourish in your area, but these articles will let you know the wide array of perennials at your disposal.


  • Perennial Herbs grow almost anywhere, and are handy for cooking or providing fragrance.

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