3 Ways to Perk Up Your Outdoor Areas

3. Whimsical Wind Chimes

One of the great sounds of summer, along with baseball on the radio, is the melodic tinkling of wind chimes. They alert you to a cooling breeze or incoming weather. Here is a fun and easy project that the whole family can participate in.


  • 6 2-1/2" clay pots
  • Acrylic paint
  • 12 round wooden beads, larger than the holes in bottom of the pots
  • 10 yd. spool of plastic cord
  • Paintbrush
  • A favorite postcard or picture


  1. Have each member of the family paint a pot before assembling and let dry. Remember, one pot will be completely visible while the others will be partially obscured by the pot above it.
  2. Fold cord in half and tie a knot, leaving a loop to hang the wind chime. Thread the two ends through a bead.
  3. Thread the ends of the cord through the upside down clay pot you want on top.
  4. Thread another bead on, inside the pot. This will secure the pot. Make five knots below the bead. Beads and knots keep the pots apart.
  5. Repeat the above step until all pots are threaded together.
  6. Finish the cord by punching a hole in the postcard and threading the cord through.