Pink to Fuchsia Perennial Flowers

By: Shane Wilson

Thewill blossom late in the season.See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Perennial flowers only bloom for a short period of time. As a result, gardeners can arrange flowers to present different patterns of color at different times, like a fireworks show slowly unfolding over the course of a year. The selection of perennial flowers takes additional planning, since you will want your blossoms to co-exist happily with the surrounding foliage when they finally do appear.

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Perennial flowers are available in a number of colors, however pink and fuchsia blooms are treasured for the softening effect created by their pastel hue. These flowers are grouped below by the amount of sun they require. Your local garden center will be able to help you choose the best flowers for your area, but a look at this list should demonstrate the beauty and versatility of these delicately-colored blossoms.


Pink to Fuchsia Perennial Flowers for Full Sun:

Pink to Fuchsia Perennial Flowers for Part Shade:

Pink to Fuchsia Perennial Flowers for Full Sun or Part Shade:

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