Planning a Bulb Garden

Bulb Definitions

Many true bulbs are surrounded by an outer tunic.

Gardeners tend to refer to any plant with an underground storage organ as a bulb, but there are actually many different categories.

True bulbs are made up of modified leaves that are attached to a flat basal plate and that surround the following season's bud. Many true bulbs, such as tulips and narcissi, are surrounded by a papery outer tunic. In others, such as lilies and fritillarias, the bulb is covered by fleshy scales.

Corms have a solid starchy interior stem.

Corms look like bulbs on the outside, including the flat basal plate and the papery tunic. But when they are cut open, they have a solid starchy interior stem. Crocuses are an example of typical corms.

In the final section, we'll define tubers and rhizomes.

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