Pocketbook Plant

House Plant: Pocketbook Plant

Pocketbook plant's brightly colored flowers of red and yellow are shaped like tiny pouches.

The pocketbook plant’s clusters of strikingly beautiful flowers are one to two inches across. Each is shaped like a tiny pouch and is brilliantly colored in red, yellow, and orange, often with contrasting spots and blotches.

This plant is generally purchased in bloom or bud and is best discarded after its flowering ceases, since it will not bloom again. To prolong blooming, keep the air cool. It can be raised from seed, but only if cool to cold conditions prevail.

Pocketbook Plant Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Calceolaria herbeohybrida

Common Names: Pocketbook Plant, Pouch Flower, Slipper Plant

Light Requirement: Bright Light

Water Requirement: Evenly Moist

Humidity: High

Temperature: Cool to Cold

Fertilizer: High Phosphorus

Potting Mix: All-Purpose

Propagation: Seed

Decorative Use: Table

Care Rating: Temporary

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