How does a portable drill press work?

A drill press is a practical tool that ensures drilled holes are precisely aligned with the exact width and depth you want. Since the drill on the drill press is connected to a base and the work to be drilled is clamped down to a support table, drilling with a drill press produces a more accurate hole than would be produced by using a regular hand drill. However, a drill press could be expensive to buy and bulky to use, so a desirable option could be to turn your ordinary hand drill into a portable drill press.

A portable drill press is a cheaper alternative to a heavy, mounted drill press, and it can be used wherever you need it. For tasks that require drilling in hard-to-reach locations, such as rivets on vehicles, locks on commercial doors or screws on high cabinets, it's not feasible to use a drill press that requires placing an item on the table to drill it properly. However, if you affix your cordless hand drill to a sturdy surface with the aid of a portable drill press, you can use it to produce accurate holes in any position. A portable drill press, such as the Strong Arm 5, is lightweight, adjustable and allows drilling upright, as well. In addition to taking minimal time to set up, the Strong Arm 5 offers leverage levels, making the drilling faster, safer and less tiring.


Before using a portable drill press, read the owner's manual thoroughly so you know how to use it properly. Make sure you secure the drill firmly to a sturdy location and that the drill is tightly attached to the shaft before drilling. This not only ensures your safety, it ensures the holes are straight and exact. If you can, practice first on a spare piece of wood so you don't accidentally ruin a finished product.