Power Tools

Power tools make home improvement projects faster and less labor-intensive. Learn about major power tools, how to maintain them and power tool safety.

You've probably been irritated by jackhammer noise at some point, but have you ever stopped to think about these marvels of concrete-busting power? Without them, demolition would be a whole lot more difficult.

Humans love integrating tech into absolutely everything -- even screwdrivers. We've had power screwdrivers for a long time, but now, your tools can interpret your commands based solely on the position of your hand.

Drills have a big job to do in a small amount of space. Find out how this handy tool gets its powerful punch in this image gallery.

Construction work requires power tools that can do the heavy-duty work as quickly and easily as possible. Learn what type of nail gun is best to install floor studs in this article.

Metric drill bits are regular bits that are measured using the metric system. Use this article to learn about which drills use metric bits.

To cut concrete with a circular saw, you need an abrasive blade. Learn about the best type of blade for sawing concrete in this article.

You need a circular saw blade with fine teeth to cut through laminate countertops. Learn how to choose the right circular saw blade for cutting laminate kitchen countertops.

Use a carbide-tipped abrasive cutoff wheel circular saw blade for cutting metals. Learn what type of circular saw blade you need to cut metal in this article.

Hammer drills and impact drivers exert great force but from different directions. Learn about the difference between a hammer drill and an impact driver.

A heat gun is a power tool that blows hot air. This article will teach you about heat guns.

Rotary drill presses are commonly used for woodworking and metalworking projects. Learn about rotary drill presses from this article.

Maintaining a safe work environment includes keeping your chainsaw sharp. Learn about how to sharpen a chainsaw in this article.

Combination circular saw blades are multi-purpose blades that can be used for ripping, crosscutting or mitering all kinds of wood. Learn what combination circular saw blades are in this article.

Diamond drill bits are attachments used to cut through stone, tile and glass. Learn about diamond drill bits from this article.

Each drilling job requires the appropriate type of drill bit. Learn about cobalt drill bits in this article.

Nail guns are easier on the arm than using a hammer and nails, whether they are powered by air pressure or gas. Learn how fast a butane nail gun shoots nails in this article.

Whether you’re doing fine craftwork or cutting metal in an auto body shop, a reciprocal air saw will make your job easier. Learn how a reciprocal air saw works in this article.

Impact wrenches provide extra pressure through either an electric or air motor. Learn how an impact wrench works from this article.

Nail guns are useful for many home projects and for carpentry work such as installing crown molding. Learn how to use a nail gun to install crown molding in this article.

Using a spindle sander will add a smooth finish to your projects. Learn more about how to use a spindle sander from this article.

Torque wrenches measure the torque force applied when fastening a bolt, but sometimes angle measurements are also necessary. Learn how to use an angular torque wrench in this article.

Hardwood floors require periodic maintenance, and you can cut your maintenance costs by renting a drum sander and refinishing the floors yourself. Read this article to learn how to use a drum sander.

The combination of the voltage of your electric source and the amperage gives your plasma cutter its cutting power. Learn how to set the current of your plasma cutter in this article.

To tighten the blade on a circular saw, use a wrench to hold the arbor nut's flange in place as you turn the nut with a socket wrench. Learn how to tighten the blade on a circular saw in this article.

Torque wrenches are used to tighten bolts to a set level of pressure. Learn how to read a torque wrench in this article.