Prayer Plant

By: Larry Hodgson

Prayer plant's colorful leaves fold up at night.See more pictures of house plants.

Prayer plant is also sometimes called rabbit tracks. It requires just a little attention to thrive.

The prayer plant is a spreading plant best known for its habit of folding up its three- by five-inch leaves at night. The leaves are oval and marked with red veins on some varieties, dark spots on others. The pinkish flowers are insignificant.

To avoid brown leaf tips, keep the soil evenly moist, avoid dry air, and leach frequently to avoid mineral salt build-up.


Prayer Plant Quick Facts

Scientific Name:Maranta leuconeura

Common Names: Prayer Plant, Rabbit Tracks

Light Requirement for Prayer Plant: Bright Light to Filtered Light

Water Requirementfor Prayer Plant: Evenly Moist

Humidityfor Prayer Plant: High

Temperaturefor Prayer Plant: House

Fertilizerfor Prayer Plant: Balanced

Potting Mixfor Prayer Plant: All-Purpose

Propagation ofPrayer Plant: Division, Stem Cuttings

Decorative Usefor Prayer Plant: Hanging Basket, Table

Care Ratingfor Prayer Plant: Easy


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Larry Hodgson is a full time garden writer out of Quebec City in the heart of French Canada where he grows well over 3,000 species and varieties. His book credits include Making the Most of Shade, The Garden Lovers Guide to Canada, Perennials for Every Purpose, Annuals for Every Purpose, Houseplants for Dummies, and Ortho's Complete Guide to Houseplants, as well as other titles in English and French. He's the winner of the Perennial Plant Association's 2006 Garden Media Award.