Putting Greens

Install the Putting Green

First, clear the intended area of debris and stones and then till the hard soil. [Tip: When tilling, always spray water to keep the dust levels down.] Then, rake and level the putting green area to prepare for the cement. To install the putting green, frame the green with flexible bender boards nailed to stakes — this works best for curved structures. Where needed, add a second frame after the top boards are level and in place. Next, lay out the rebar in a square pattern — this will reinforce the structure and prevent cracking. Then, pour the concrete and level with a straight edge. Finally, smooth out the surface with a bull float. The concrete will dry in about a day. Use decomposed granite around the putting green to create a gentle grade up to the cement. On the concrete, drill five holes: first, drill a pilot hole; then using a slow speed on the power drill and water to avoid overheating, drill the main cup holes. For turf layout, begin by simply laying it out in place, then gluing it to the cement pad and rolling out any apparent bubbles (using a heavy roller). Then, use a carpet knife to cut off the excess turf at the green boundaries and to cut holes for each cup. Tack the surrounding fringe to the ground with nails. Trim the turf, using adhesive tape on the edges and making sure to check the seams for the correct grain line-up. Finally, spread a thin layer of sand mixed with rubberized granule over the turf.