5 Advantages of a Townhouse

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Author's Note: 5 Advantages of a Townhouse

I grew up in a very rural county, with lots of farms and forests surrounding very small towns. There were a couple of apartment buildings, but no townhouses. I had no concept of a townhouse or anything like it until I saw the brownstone facades of Brooklyn buildings on "The Cosby Show." I am not kidding.

Because of that, I've always thought of townhouses as glamorous urban dwellings. I assume the people who live in townhouses must be cosmopolitan city-folk who are too busy attending the opera and benefit galas to deal with weeds and remodeling projects.

I live in a very old single-family home with slanted floors and some questionable hundred-year-old construction techniques. Down the street are new LEED-certified green townhouses. So now those fantasy people in their fantasy townhouses are not only more sophisticated than I am, but they're environmentally friendlier. I bet their walls meet at right angles in the corners, too.

My house has charm out the wazoo, and a big yard where I play with my dog; but some days, I'd like to be too cosmopolitan for weeds.

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