10 Advantages of Manufactured Homes


When you bought your last home and something went wrong, how difficult was it to get the contractor to come and fix it? Chances are it was a hassle, and the work wasn't done in time. Manufactured homes generally come with a one-year warranty for construction and separate warranties for windows, doors, siding, faucets, appliances -- you name it. Most will even provide their customers with extended warranties.

While all new homes will have a warranty, used homes might not. Ask some of these important questions before signing off on the house:

  • How long does the warranty last?
  • What does the warranty cover?
  • What voids the warranty?
  • Does the retailer, builder or installer perform the warranty work, or is it split between all parties?
  • Does the warranty become void if the installation site is not properly prepared? [source: Consumer Union]

However, buyer beware: The key is to make sure you have a copy of the complete warranty and not a summary document. And be sure to keep the warranty up to date if it requires renewing.

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