10 Deed Restrictions That Could Ruin Your Dream Home


Number of Bedrooms

It won't do you much good if you find a property that is perfect for your new house, but deed restrictions limit the number of bedrooms it can have. Not being able to fit your entire family in the house of your dreams would be a pretty major setback. Often, such restrictions are in place because the septic or sewer capacity is limited to a house of a certain size [source: Gassett]. The idea being that the more bedrooms a house has, the more bathrooms it will have. Other times, the restrictions are in place to enforce a uniform size for all of the homes in the neighborhood [source: McLinden].

Even if you want to build a relatively small house, deed restrictions could cause trouble. Restrictions often impose a minimum size, rather than a maximum, since small one- or two-bedroom houses placed in between larger dwellings could hurt the value of the surrounding properties [source: Barta].

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