10 Deed Restrictions That Could Ruin Your Dream Home


Building Fences

Deed restrictions specifying exactly what types of fences are acceptable are some of the strictest-- and most widespread -- of restrictions, especially in subdivisions and developed neighborhoods. Often, the style of the fence will be limited: chain link fences or very tall privacy fences may be prohibited. Fence height is also frequently controlled. A typical restriction might limit the fence to 3 or 4 feet (1 or 1.25 meters) in the front yard, and 6 feet (about 2 meters) in the back [source: Rossi, et al].

A fence might seem like an afterthought in a huge undertaking like building a house, but your lifestyle could be affected if your fencing options are limited. For example, if chain link fences are prohibited, you might not be able to keep your pets confined and in view. If privacy fences are banned, you may not be too eager to spend hours sunbathing by the pool behind your new house.