10 Most Expensive ZIP Codes to Live In

94920 -- Belvedere, Calif.

Just north of San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge lies the little city of Belvedere, Calif. Less than a square mile in size, the peninsular town is home to roughly 2,000 people [source: City of Belvedere]. A limited amount of space has no doubt increased the demand for life in Belvedere (also with a median home price of $3.2 million), which includes scenic views of San Francisco Bay, Angel Island and the larger city itself [source: Forbes].

Development in Belvedere is limited to residential property; you'll find no shopping district here. For that, residents travel to nearby Tiburon, off the peninsula [source: City of Belvedere]. And like fellow list-maker Santa Barbara, Belvedere is a sailing hot spot. The oldest of its kind along the Pacific Coast, the San Francisco Yacht Club in located in Belvedere and has been in operation since 1869 [source: San Francisco Yacht Club].