10 Private Islands We Wish We Could Afford


Isla de sa Ferradura, Spain

Located in the Mediterranean Sea just off the coast of Ibiza, Isla de sa Ferradura is a private paradise that accommodates just 14 guests at a time. You and your friends can have this 14-acre (5.7-hectare) ultra-exclusive resort all to yourselves for a total price of $196,000 for one week, which is the minimum stay [source: Forbes Traveler]. Your rental fee includes custom meals, private parties and relaxing spa treatments.

Guests stay in a luxurious 130,000-square-foot hacienda with its own man-made relaxation cave complex (we couldn't make this up if we tried), featuring a whirlpool, Turkish bath, sauna, solarium, infrared cabins and beauty salon [source: Isla de sa Ferradura and Private Islands Online]. In case you were wondering, there are also lush gardens, quiet beaches and a tropical salt water swimming pool. Forbes listed the island's value at $39.7 million in 2006 [source: Forbes].