10 Private Islands We Wish We Could Afford


Isla Majagual and Isla Maje, Panama

At a total size of 224.4 acres (91 hectares), Islas Majagual and Isla Maje in the Bay of Panama are dreams come true for divers, nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts alike. On the market at $2.2 million for the pair, the islands are currently undeveloped but offer plenty of flat, level areas suitable for building.

World fishing records for sailfish and black marlin have been set in the surrounding waters, and divers still pull up gold and silver coins from a Spanish treasure galleon sunk here in 1631. The islands also include a fresh water supply, more than 80 species of bird life, and abundant oysters and clams available for easy harvesting in the shallow waters immediately surrounding the island [source: Private Islands Online].