10 Tech Tools to Use When Buying a House


Sex Offender Registry

There are two major sex offender registries available online. The first is the government-run Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Web site, the NSOPW. It's possible to search through the NSOPW archives by name or location and view the current addresses of all registered sex offenders. The second option is Family Watchdog, a non-government site; Family Watchdog gathers data from various state sex offender registries. Do a search for your own state's registry if you don't want an archive that covers all of the United States.

Knowing about any sex offenders in a neighborhood you're thinking of moving to is important, but don't automatically assume that new dream home is dangerous. If you do find a sex offender listed, check his or her crime. Assault on a minor may be a serious red flag, but other crimes like public indecency may not hold the same implications.

Once you've picked out some houses to visit and have done all of your homework, it's time to check them out in person. Our next tech tool will help you get the most out of each home you explore.