10 Tech Tools to Use When Buying a House


Digital Camera

Realty Web sites will usually offer a few pictures of a house on the market, but how often do they really cover everything you're interested in? What's the view from the front windows or the porch? How's the back yard? How cramped is the kitchen? If you're visiting multiple houses, all of these details could get mixed up in your head, leaving you struggling to remember which kitchen you liked best, which patio was your favorite. The simple solution? Document everything.

Decent point-and-shoot cameras are cheap, easy to operate, and small enough to fit in a bag or pocket. Even a cell phone camera will get the job done. Modern smart phones are actually closing in on the point-and-shoot market, offering 5 or 8 megapixel lenses that take clear, high-definition photos. Older cell phone cameras may not offer the picture quality of newer generation smart phones, but they'll still help you catalog each visit.

After using Web searches, mobile apps and photography to finally nail down that perfect house, there's one major hurdle left to cross: actually affording it.