Top 10 Things to Look for to Find Your Dream Neighborhood


Foreclosures and For Rent Signs

Certainly you've heard the term "buyer's market." It's a real estate term that's an indicator that home values have dropped, which makes it a great time for someone looking to buy a house. If you buy when the market is down, you'll likely make money on the property when the market starts to recover. So you might think a street lined with foreclosures is a homebuyer's dream, right? Actually, too many foreclosures might be a sign that the neighborhood is in a bad place. When real estate prices fall, so do the property taxes, which in turn affects the city's public services and safety. Foreclosures can also bring down the value of neighboring houses, even if they're in pristine condition. So if you find a neighborhood full of foreclosures, empty houses or even for rent signs, make sure you do your homework to find out whether it's financially stable.