Top 10 Things to Look for to Find Your Dream Neighborhood


Annoying Sounds and Smells

One reason it's extremely important to visit a neighborhood at several different times of the day before making a decision is to listen to and, believe it or not, smell what's going on there. An area might be perfect on paper, but when you go for a visit you might realize the line of trees in the backyard actually hides a major road. Train tracks, local restaurants and bars, air traffic and medical centers all create noise that might be a menace. Bothersome noises will never go away, and while you might get used to them, it's a gamble. Additionally, these noises will make it harder to sell when you decide it's time to leave. Other unwelcome noises could include your neighbors. Whether it's a couple who fights all of the time, a family with three large dogs or children screaming, you'll want to know about these noises before making your decision. If you visit somewhere on your lunch break, it may seem quiet only because the children are at school and the adults are at work. Visiting at least three different times of the day will give you a better idea of what you're getting yourself into. And while you're listening, don't forget to take a good whiff of the outside air as well. Sewage problems, a stagnant lake or even the corner BBQ joint can create bothersome odors that likely won't go away either.