Top 10 Things to Look for to Find Your Dream Neighborhood

Low Crime Rate

Finding out how your new neighborhood's crime rate stacks up against your current one or others in the area is a fairly easy task. There are many Web sites that have already done the investigative work for you. Your real estate agent should be able to provide this information as well. If you're on the fence between two neighborhoods, but one has a better crime rate, knowing this information might make your decision easier. If you are completely in love with a neighborhood, but find to your dismay that it has a questionable crime rate, you may want to speak to the local police office for more details. It could be that a small area of the ZIP code is a magnet for crime, but your neighborhood is perfectly safe. If that is the case and you decide to buy, remember this when it's time to sell. Smart potential buyers will have looked up the crime rate as well, which, without the entire story, may deter them from buying your home.