10 Things to Look For in a Garden-level Property

Future Possibilities
Chris Clinton/Lifesize/Getty Images

When we buy or rent, it's important to think about the changes life can bring five or 10 years down the line. Whether you're single or simply child-free, make sure to take the possibility of changes to your family, lifestyle and even simply your preferences into account.

What about your job and finances? Is it possible you'll end up wanting -- or being able to afford -- a larger or more private place before your commitment is up?

Consider the reasons you're considering garden-level and whether you're interested in committing to them for a while. These sorts of living spaces fill a specific need, but if you aren't sure you're the garden-level "type," it bears thinking about.

On the other hand, remember too that your garden-level apartment or condo is not a lifetime commitment. It's an adventure in living as close to the heart of the city as you possibly can.

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