10 Things to Look For in a Garden-level Property


Your window on the world -- or at least its feet! -- goes both ways. Consider balancing your need for light with your need for privacy. Street-level homes often afford even smaller personal spaces than the apartments above you. Efficiencies and studios mean some private activities usually reserved for our bedrooms and bathrooms take place on a larger stage.

Ironing clothes before dashing to work, grabbing a forgotten towel and even just entertaining friends can quickly become a show for the world outside. Imagine your routine, and plan accordingly.

While sheer café curtains provide ambient natural light and privacy during the daytime, at night your interior lights will broadcast your world like a movie screen! Similarly, blackout curtains can keep nosy passersby out at night, but come morning you'll be waking up in a cave.

Monitor traffic patterns and neighborhood personalities, and think about curtain systems to account for both day and night lighting.

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