10 Things Your Home Inspector Doesn't Want You to Know


Your Real Estate Agent is My Best Source for Clients

An inspector checks out the windows in a home.
An inspector checks out the windows in a home.
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Real estate agents often provide recommendations to help clients choose a home inspector. However, with many home inspectors relying on real estate agents for referrals, it may not be in your best interest to blindly follow your agent's advice [source: Solomon]. These home inspectors know that pointing out flaws in a home can result in a price reduction, or may even kill the deal. To stay on the good side of a real estate agent, some unscrupulous home inspectors might be tempted to ignore or minimize potential problems, which can cost you big bucks down the road.

Protect yourself by choosing a home inspector who's completely independent from your real estate agent. This way, you're guaranteed that these two professionals will have your best interests at heart, instead of each others'.

Of course, if you trust your real estate agent, feel free to give his or her recommendations a shot. Just make sure to vet each potential inspector on your own before agreeing to a deal.