10 Surefire Ways to Get Rejected by a Co-op Board

Facebook Rejection
Either clean up that Facebook profile or make sure it's set to private before you apply.
Either clean up that Facebook profile or make sure it's set to private before you apply.
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You've heard stories about that job applicant who was rejected because of the pictures posted to Facebook, Flickr or (heaven forbid!) MySpace from a college spring-break trip 10 years ago. Well, the major difference between a job interview and a co-op interview is that the co-op interview is more personal. Nothing's off limits -- including those incriminating pictures.

So do yourself a favor: Before you turn in your co-op application, Google yourself. You can be sure they will. And if what you find paints you in a light that's a little less than complimentary, do what you can to clean it up. Delete or retag photos, cancel outdated social media profiles and update existing ones.

But as anyone under the age of 35 seems to understand, the best defense against the black cloud of unwanted social media following you forever is to ensure that before you dance on the bar or otherwise humiliate yourself, you confiscate all surrounding smart phones. Or just don't do it (but where's the fun in that?).

Unfortunately, what happens in Vegas no longer stays in Vegas, and when you're applying to a co-op, Vegas has a nasty habit of rearing its less-than-flattering head.

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