10 Surefire Ways to Get Rejected by a Co-op Board


Did you think the intricate, personalized, pain-in-the-neck application package was the last step? Nope. As if that weren't bad enough, it may only be the first paper hoop to jump through. That said, a meticulous and thorough application package can help you avoid these later hoops -- answer any and all questions up front, and it's less likely that you'll have to file more paperwork to answer them later.

For example, you should accompany every listed asset with verification -- not just a picture of your family in snorkel gear outside your vacation home in the Cayman Islands, but an official copy of the title. Likewise, you can be assured that anything you list as "other business income" will result in a request from the board to define that other income. It's better to answer these questions up front, but be aware that despite your proactive nitpicking, you'll likely need to field stray paperwork throughout the application process.

And if you let one groundball roll through your legs, you might not get another shot. In all cases, failure to jump when the board says jump is a sure way to doom your application.

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