How does NACA stay involved after the home sale?

The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) makes a special effort to not only secure home loans for low-income Americans , but to also make sure that any issues that arise after the purchase are dealt with in an efficient manner.

Becoming a qualified NACA member who can use the nonprofit group in order to buy a home is a long process. Yet, for those who stick with it, using NACA has many benefits, including buying a home without having to pay closing costs. From the beginning, members are put in contact with NACA counselors who provide advice on how to prepare for all the financial responsibilities that come with being a homeowner. NACA, however, doesn't just abandon its members once they've moved into their new homes. The Membership Assistance Program is there to help a homeowner for as long as there is a mortgage to pay off.

NACA homeowners who begin to experience financial difficulties have the option of applying for aid via the Neighborhood Stabilization Fund. This fund can provide a member with mortgage payments for a period of three months. All that is required from a member who wants to make use of the Neighborhood Stabilization Fund is that he or she make a matching contribution of some sort [source: NACA]. According to NACA, approximately six percent of its members use the Neighborhood Stabilization Fund [source: Swidey]. Another way in which NACA remains involved with their members is by the formation of Neighborhood Stabilization Committees. The aim of these committees is to help turn NACA members into active and concerned citizens. Some of the issues that the committees address are drug activity, violence, the school system and abandoned property. Ultimately, Neighborhood Stabilization Committees seek to revitalize communities through the activism of NACA members.

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