How to find out who owns a property

Whether you are interested in buying a certain piece of land or you want to contact an owner for another reason, finding the name of a property's owner is often fast and easy. Read the tips listed below to learn about how to find out who owns a property.

  • Online Search The internet is a valuable research tool that can help you find out who owns a property. Depending on where you live, different websites will be more valuable to you than others. UK residents can use a land registry to find an owner's name [source: Land Registry]. United States residents can search a number of public-records directories that can be found online [source: NETR]. Simply enter "property records" and the location into an online search engine to find your area's directory.
  • Contact City Hall Your local city hall will usually have all the information you're looking for. Contact a city hall clerk to request the information you're looking for. Remember to have the address on hand when you call.
  • Research Auditor Materials Visit your city hall or your local library to find auditor materials. Census findings and voting records will provide you with the name of the owner.
  • Contact an Investigation Agency Sometimes the owner's name will not be available through city records because the owner doesn't want the information to be public. You may consider hiring an investigation agency in your area to uncover the information you're searching for. Beware that many agencies may charge fees, regardless of whether or not they provide you with the information.