Top 10 Moving Tips


Your Timeline

Clearly, some moves take more time and planning than others. Apartment dwellers, for example, don't necessarily have the added stress of trying to sell a home while purchasing a new one. But there are some common to-do items that many of us have to face:

  • You'll need to drop by your local U.S. Post Office for change of address forms and moving guides. You can also accomplish this online:
  • Ask yourself a few key questions: Will my insurance company cover my assets in transit? Will my car and home policies change when I move? How long will I have until my auto registration is no longer valid in my new place of residency? Notify gas and heat companies, Internet providers, cable companies and other utilities of your pending move. Add all these shut-off dates to your master calendar to avoid paying for utilities you aren't using.
  • Find out the most cost-effective time to cancel gym memberships or forward magazine subscriptions.
  • Return library books; cancel newspaper subscriptions.
  • Let colleagues and networking contacts know of your move when it's comfortable for you to do so. After all, you'll want your professional network to stay intact when the rest of your stuff is disassembled.
  • Close or transfer bank accounts.
  • Fill necessary prescriptions and have them transferred to your new area pharmacy.