Top 10 Moving Tips


Hiring a Mover

Hiring a mover can take a lot of stress off, but it doesn't mean there is rest for the move-weary. Know this: If you've hired a mover, you have basically taken on the role of project manager, and it's your job to make sure they are accountable for the end result. Here are a few tips that may help:

  • Always get written estimates from a mover (more than one is best). Keep in mind that most moving companies are used to negotiating a bit.
  • Find out how much a mover insures (usually a per-pound price) and carefully read liability clauses before signing anything.
  • What do materials and boxes cost through the moving company? Can you save a bundle of money by providing your own?
  • Most professional moving companies will not move houseplants. Those that do will not be responsible for their watering or care.
  • Ask ahead of time if there are extra charges for moving things up flights of stairs, reassembling furniture and the like. These extra costs can add up.
  • Consider if you'll need extra insurance to cover important items or whether the items in your own vehicle are covered during transit to your new home.
  • Think ahead: Can their trucks fit in your driveway? Do you have enough cash to tip each mover? Do you want to provide drinks or food to them?