Top 10 Moving Tips


Your Timeline

Don't want to hire a crew? We understand. And there are definitely budget-friendly ways to make sure your move goes smoothly. In addition to doing the math ("Is renting a truck and taking three days off work really cheaper than hiring a mover?") here are a few questions to ponder:

  • Are you asking friends or family to help? If so, can they definitely make the commitment?
  • Have you accounted for time to disassemble furniture? Can each piece of furniture fit in the vehicle you are using to move?
  • Some laws prohibit bringing plants into a new state. Consider giving them to friends or donating or selling them.
  • Do you have access to a hand truck?
  • Are you planning to rent a truck? If so, are you used to driving one or have you considered taking a driving class - especially if you are moving a long distance?
  • Does your homeowner's or renter's insurance cover everything in your move?
  • Do you have money or meals for your friends who are helping during your move?