5 Difficult Things to Move


Aquarium and Fish

If you have an aquarium full of fish, then you have a moving challenge. Fish often don't survive the sloshing around and temperature changes involved in a move. Many Web sites simply advise you to sell or give away your fish and the aquarium to someone who lives close by. That way, the fish don't have to endure a long car ride. But if you decide to move the aquarium and the fish, here are some tips: Put your fish into a holding container. Drain most of the tank but keep some of the water - you want to have the same bacteria colony when you reassemble and fill the tank at your new home. If you have aquarium plants, pour some of the aquarium water into a bag and store the plants in there. Store the filter in a chemical-free container. It's best to move your aquarium and fish in your vehicle, rather than have the movers put them into the moving truck.