5 Things You Should Do One Month Before You Move


Notify Utility Companies of Account Changes or Disconnections

Do you want power and water at your new place? Of course you do. You might also want DSL, cable and some other services at your new abode. So here's what you do: Make a list of the utility companies you need to contact and then get out your bills (or look up your account information online). When you call, they'll probably ask you for an account number or pin number or something you may not remember offhand, so you'll want to have that information right in front of you while you're on the phone. It's usually pretty easy to get a service turned off at one place and turned on at another. But you might also use this move as an opportunity to reevaluate your services. Could you save some money by switching companies or getting a different package? Do these companies have any special deals right now? It never hurts to ask.