How to Have a Yard Sale

Do you want to have a yard sale, but don't know how? Follow these tips to learn about how to have a successful yard sale.

  • Gather you inventory. Decide what you want to sell, and gather it together.
  • Attend yard sales in your area to find out the going rates.
  • Obtain a permit for your yard sale, if necessary.
  • Choose a date. One day should be enough. Generally if an item isn't sold on the first day, no one will want it on the second day [source:Ewer]. Fridays and Saturdays are generally better for yard sales than Sundays [Consumer Home].
  • Decide what to do with whatever you don't sell. You might want to donate it to charity or deliver it to a thrift store.
  • Advertise in newspapers and on the Internet. If you don't want people showing up early, be sure to state, "No early-birds" [Source: Organized Home]. Mention big-ticket items to draw people in. Capitalize on the season -- advertise luggage at vacation time and toys around Christmas [source: Consumer Home].
  • Post lots of signs in your area. Use brightly colored paper with big, bold lettering and clear directions.
  • Spruce up the items you're selling. Hang clothing on hangers or a clothesline.
  • Price the merchandise (if you want to have set prices).
  • Set up your merchandise in a "stripped" site (i.e. where the only items visible are those for sale) that's visible from the street. Make your setup attractive and easy to browse. Group items according to category (e.g. appliances, books) and identify them with signs [source: Organized Home].
  • Prepare an extension cord for demonstrating that appliances work.
  • Make sure you have at least one other person on "staff" to help out.
  • Have at least $20 in change and small bills.

On the day of the sale, interact enthusiastically with the shoppers. Offering free coffee or having your kids sell cookies will help keep shoppers there, browsing and buying.