10 Factors in Your Home Appraisal

Sitting Pretty

While the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) estimates a home value may increase as much as 15 percent if the landscaping gets a professional update, many home buyers don't want the upkeep that comes with an expensive upgrade [source: ASLA]. An abundance of lush flora and fauna can add maintenance time for busy families, and while some gardening and yard work enthusiasts are in the market for an Eden of their own, others hope for nothing more than a small plot of neat, easy-to-mow land.

Appraisers consider "curb appeal," or how a property looks overall on approach in comparison to other homes in the area, when valuing a home. Calculations for lot size and views factor in as well, but having useable, clean and attractive land adds to the appraisal value and appeal of the house to buyers. If you aren't looking to overhaul the entire landscape, window boxes, porch planters and even a new mailbox add a lot of charm without much effort or cost.

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